Dan KAYEYE was born in 1991 in Kinshasa and grew up in Greater Katanga, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo where he did his primary and secondary studies before continuing his training as a computer programmer in India.

Self-taught cartoonist, he embarked on 2D/3D animation to grow his talent as an artist against the backdrop of the idea of ​​creating an animation studio that could revolutionize the sector in DR Congo.

Since he created his animation studio called Kayart, he has supported young creators interested in animated film. 4 projects have benefited from his support, including: "Kinsevere Maendeleo 2.0", "Stay Safe Covid-19", "Marcus Manning Attack on the Capitol", "Learn easily with Issa".

If he is working to finalize the collaboration project with actor Jackson Bukasa entitled "Mozalisi" for the Lubumbashi Biennale (2022), he is at the same time busy bringing together the elements that will lead him to "Paranoiac night", his next animated film.