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- ToxiCity: A Horizontal Collective Biennale - Contemporary&

Our author Costa Tshinzam visited the Biennale that is “unmistakably horizontal and collective” held from October 6 to November 6, 2022 under the artistic direction of Picha.

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- A View of the Postcolonial World at the 7th Lubumbashi Biennale - Contemporary&

In the run-up to the Biennale, C& mentee Gloria Mpanga takes a critical look at its relevance, history and curatorial concept.

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- Picha Collective Responses to Gloria Mpanga’s opinion piece -  Contemporary&

Find here a response by the curators of the 7th Lubumbashi Biennale to our author’s critical piece, published ahead of the opening.

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- DRC: the Manono lithium deposit at the center of the Lubumbashi "biennial talks" - Habari RDC

An important deposit of lithium has been discovered in Manono in Tanganyika. If this mineral is the subject of a "frantic" race in the world, it is because it is the main material necessary for the global production of green energy. And at the 7th Biennale of Lubumbashi, the invited artists have fixed their eyes on the challenge for the DRC to take advantage of lithium...

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- ToxiCité at the 7th Lubumbashi Biennale - Art Africa Magazine

The 7th Lubumbashi Biennale, postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, opened on the 6th October 2022 in the Democratic Republic of Congo in its south-eastern city.

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