Since 2010 Antje Van Wichelen has been researching the collective memory and trauma of colonial classification through the translation of archival photographs on 16mm film. She uses experimental methods of collaborations between nature and film emulsion.

She is a member of LABO BxL, which is part of the international network of artist-run labs and of the artist and research group Troubled Archives, which was officially selected in the Dakar Biënnal 2022.

Before that, she made short stop-motion films and worked as artistic director of the cultural organisation Brussels belongs to us BNA-BBOT.

Previously, she worked as a scriptwriter and as an editor at the Belgian Radio and Television, and produced radio programmes.

Her thesis at the VUB University focused on "The image of madness in feature films". The image of otherness is the recurring theme of her work. Since 2010, she has been investigating colonial clichés, writing about them in her blog