10.06.2022 — 11.20.2022

Dorine Mokha Digital Archive: Perdure (2022) & Do Ri Ne Mi Fa Sol La Si Do (2022)

Dorine Mokha Digital Archive

Artist-relayer, the work of Dorine conceals experiences and feelings which, inhabited by her body, let us glimpse the evidence of sharing, of relay. The impulse of this project is part of this passing of the torch. The idea of an online platform that gives an account of his creation, his inspirations and his visions has naturally imposed itself as a way to honor him and his art. This initiative is coupled with the commission and realization of three new creations produced by Lambick Meli, Joseph Kasau and Jean Katambayi Mukendi. These are meant to be a wink, a gesture, a dance on the steps that gave rhythm to his movements, and on the steps that testify to his generosity, his vitality and his engagement with the community of Lubumbashi and beyond. The film Perdure (2022) by Lambick Meli and the installation Do Ri Ne Mi Fa Sol La Si Do by Jean Katambayi will announce the beginning of the project at Picha.

Extract from the Sound Installation Do Ri Ne Mi Fa Sol La Si Do (2022) by Jean Katambayi