Nicole Rafiki, born in DRC (1989), lives and works in Oslo, Norway. With textile, text and photography she reimagines and challenges the stereotypical representation of spaces, contexts, identities and people affected by global migration. Nicole Rafiki is a photographer, visual and multimedia artist. The dehumanization and hypersexualization of African women's bodies has been a focus of her recent work. She also questions colonial and racial systems, global and forced migration and identity politics.
In the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic in 2021, Nicole participated in Picha's workshops and conferences and collaborated with Jean Kalambayi on the "Risk" project. Her works include the series "Mkono" (2018), in memory of grandmothers, "Untitled" (2019), "Kadogo" (2019) or Crown, her most famous series.
She has participated in Høstutstillingen (the autumn exhibition), Norway's largest national exhibition of contemporary art, Østlandsutstillingen - a regional group exhibition - and "BabidiMbapite" (Two is better than one), an installation in a public space in downtown Oslo. In the group exhibition "Good Mourning" at the Intercultural Museum in Oslo, she curated and participated as an artist.